The Hard Working Hoshizaki PA0613 Replacement Pump Motor

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For anyone (and we are talking almost exclusively to commercial kitchen techs now) the phone call will come in that someone has a broken ice machine.  A decent number of those calls are going to be for one of the dozens of Hoshizaki machines.  And there is a very good chance the final analysis (which takes all of 30 seconds on the phone with the customer) will reveal that the Hoshizaki PA0613 pump motor has stopped working inside that ice machine.

Why do we need to replace the PA0613 pump motor so often?  Is the quality of the pump not there?  Not at all, in fact it's the other way around.  The Hoshizaki PA0613 (and the equivalent pump motors you will find for sale all over the internet) are small but powerful little workhouses.  The problem this water pump faces is extremely high usage, all throughout the year.  

Imagine a corporate office with 600 total employees, plus a fair number of visitors, interns and customers coming through the office every business day.  Now think how many people want to have ice for a drink they purchased or brought with them.  How many times do workers go for water during the day?  The key here is that unlike a lunch rush, or a dinner rush, where a lot of commercial kitchen equipment can be under pressure for a small number of hours (three to five hours in a day) the Hoshizaki ice machine will be in use throughout the day, from the earliest arrivals in the office until the stragglers leave at the end of the day.

Now let's think about a restaurant, where the need for ice is required throughout the day.  Ice water is being automatically served with all meals, while during the lunch and dinner rush hours the demand on the Hoshizaki will be intense for all the soft drinks being served.  The same applies at a busy hotel, where the ice machine will be in service on and off all through entire calendar day.  

Any water pump put through so many thousands of uses, back to back, often with little or no stop, will at some point stop working.  The PA0613 can only refill the Hoshizaki ice machines so many thousands of times before the pump gives out, or slows down, or only partially functions.  

This is why the demand for the Hoshizaki PA0613 is always going to be required.  CK.Parts sells a high quality PA0613 replacement pump motor that is equivalent to the original manufactured component, and we have excellent pricing on this item.

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