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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Restaurant Repair Parts and Service Company 803-445-1927 located in Columbia SC 803-445-1927 Hobart Equipment Repair & Service Columbia SC -

Choosing a reputable company for your Kitchen Repair needs is a big decision.

There are super large corporate conglomerates who hold your Credit Card hostage, there are shade tree mechanics who have no formal training, no insurance and sometimes no clue...and then there is CK Parts & Service. Our people are highly skilled and have decades of experience and training in the Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Restaurant Repair business. CK Parts & Service is fully bonded, insured and ready to serve your needs.

At CK Parts, our response times are quick and we value your business. We work Saturdays, Sundays and late nights to ensure you have what you need to succeed.

Restaurant service work involves using all kinds of heavy-duty equipment. From ranges and vent hoods to multiple ovens and dishwashers, there are many appliances hard at work alongside your employees every day. Just like having an employee out for the day, a broken-down appliance can be a huge inconvenience to the service you provide your customers. Before any of your equipment goes haywire on you, you need to decide who you will turn to for your appliance repair services. You will want to check the qualifications of the service, research reviews, and finally, choose a reputable company.

Check Qualifications

Whoever you hire to service your equipment needs to be properly trained and qualified. A good business will list their qualifications, including their training, experience and whether or not they are insured. If you’re having trouble deciphering what qualifications a business has, just ask. Most businesses will be happy to explain to you how they train their employees and what sort of insurance they use. Properly servicing or repairing walk-in freezers and other commercial restaurant equipment requires technical training, so make sure your repair technician has that training.

Research Reviews

The Internet is remarkable because it puts infinite information at the fingertips of a single person. Research the companies you are considering for repair services and find out what current and past customers are saying about them. All companies are likely to have some good and some bad reviews, so remember to also take into account the actual number of reviews posted to get an idea of how good a company is.

Choose a Reputable Company

Overall, you want to choose a company that is reputable and trustworthy, like CK Parts & Service. In some cases, this may mean just going with your gut instinct. If you have narrowed down your choices to a few acceptable options, choose the one your gut tells you to choose. If something feels off, pay attention. For more information on quality appliance repair services, follow us on Facebook or on Google+ and make sure to contact CK Parts & Service for all your commercial appliance services needs.

CK Parts & Service - Restaurant Equipment Repair Service Company located in Columbia SC 803-445-1927 Commercial Kitchen Repair Service Fryer Repair Company Lexington SC.

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