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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Company 803-445-1927 Columbia SC Restaurant Repair Service Company Lexington SC / Columbia South Carolina / Serving Newberry SC Ice Machine Repair Company Local 803-445-1927.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Company 803-445-1927 Columbia SC Restaurant Repair Service Company Lexington SC / Columbia South Carolina / Serving Newberry SC Ice Machine Repair Company Local. company with reasonable Travel Fees, no mileage charge and Restaurant Equipment Repair Technicians who actually care about your Commercial Cooking Equipment Repair.

How to choose the correct Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Company or Restaurant Fryer Repair Service provider:
Properly working appliances are essential to the operation of your Commercial Kitchen or Restaurant. Rather than choosing the first appliance repair company, you find online or some overprice conglomerate that specializes in high-priced service and inflated Travel Charges, learn the essential features to look for. While any repair company might be able to repair your appliances, there’s no guarantee they’ll do it the right way the first or second time.

Check the repair company’s reputation. There might be testimonials from past customers, but how many complaints is the company leaving off of their website? Do a bit of digging online to see how the company operates and what others have to say about them. CK Parts & Service has the most experienced and well-trained staff in the business. Factory trained with decades of in the trenches know how.

Not only do you want a repair company that has been in the restaurant service business for several years, you also want one with technicians who take continuing education courses. Being in business for 50 years doesn’t do you or the repair company any good if they only know how to repair restaurant appliances made 50 years ago and are no longer in use. This is why our Technicians and Parts Team is continuing education and our relationships with the respected factories give us the edge on getting you the right parts and a great price...#travelcharge NO #miliageFee

Any technician who works on your appliances should be properly and currently insured for your peace of mind as well as theirs. Be sure to ask about it, or otherwise, you may wind up footing the bill for any damages they cause to your appliances or restaurant. Insured and bonded, CK Parts & Service has you covered. Don't take a chance on a guy working out of his mom's car, choose an experienced company with a brick and mortar location. #travelchargelow #lowtravelcharge #vulcan #blodgett #fryerrepair

Factory Trained
Appliance Repair Technicians should also be factory trained and have the knowledge necessary to take good care of your appliances no matter what brand they might be. While the technician might be familiar with the appliance he’s working on, he might not be fully aware of the nuances of the particular make and model of appliance, which could cause more harm than good. Our Technicians are factory trained in Piquia, OH by the Hobart and the Manitowoc brand. Universal Certification in refrigeration gives us the expertise to repair walk-in coolers and freezers with ease because we have the experience and the knowledge.

If your appliance or a particular part is still under warranty, will the repair service honor it, will they show up this month to fix it? There’s no reason that you should have to pay more and wait longer for a faulty part replacement or appliance that should be covered under warranty. Most commercial appliances and parts come with a standard manufacturer warranty.

The next time you’re in need of a repair of your restaurant appliance, get in touch with a CK Parts & Service representative via email or call 803-445-1927. You can also find us on Facebook and Google +.
Give us a call at CK Parts & Service 803-445-1927 Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Columbia SC Lexington SC
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