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Commercial Kitchen Equipment repair service company located in West Columbia SC 803-445-1927

CK Parts & Service is a brick and mortar business with 2 offices in West Columbia SC - Fully bonded, Licenced and insured. Our staff is highly trained and each employee has been in the Commercial Kitchen Repair / Parts Service Business for 15 years plus. 

We are good, honest people who want nothing more than to give people an option for thier Commercial Kitchen Repair Company located in Columbia SC 803-445-1927 - Call now and find out how we can save you, time, money and most of all...Aggravation. 

Please enjoy this short article: 

– 5 Reasons for Commercial Kitchen Maintenance --

Every piece of equipment in your restaurant needs to be well maintained to be effective. If it isn’t, you not only won’t operate as efficiently as you normally would, but you may also lose money and customers over it. Restaurants have had to close over the costs of broken down kitchen equipment, so keeping everything—including refrigerators—well maintained will keep your business going strong. Here are five specific reasons why you should have your commercial kitchen equipment maintained regularly:

Reliability: First of all, there’s the matter of making sure your equipment works when you need it. Regular maintenance is important for all kitchen equipment, including ovens, fryers, cutlery, and refrigerators. Failure to keep them well maintained means they might fail you when you need them most.

Saves on repairs: If you keep something in good working condition, it will not only function when you need it to, but it won’t run you costly repair costs by breaking down prematurely. Prevention might cost a little extra overhead now, but it will save you steep costs in the long run.

Extends unit life: Since a well-maintained unit won’t break down as often, it will also tend to last longer. This means less money spent replacing vital equipment and more revenue kept.

Keeps customers: Suppose you’re an hour away from the lunchtime rush at a restaurant and your refrigerator goes out. You need to make sure you have safe-to-eat food at the ready for the rush, but anything you have in storage is at risk. You might not be able to serve your customers, so they’ll be unlikely to ever come back.

Maintains compliance: Restaurants have to comply with numerous food safety regulations, including rules about maintaining food temperatures. If your refrigeration unit goes out, you could be in for some trouble with the law.

Call CK Parts 803-445-1927 - Commercial Kitchen Repair and Service Repair Parts Company. Located in Columbia SC -

Here are some of the repair services we provide:

Here are some of the services we provide:
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