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unique needs to make sure that it runs efficiently each and every day. This is why it is important that you find a commercial appliance service provider that has the expertise and that is familiar with your particular industry. I am sure you will agree with me that your commercial appliances are what business owners would consider to be the lifeline of your company and in order for you and your staff to meet the day to day demands of your customers, then these commercial equipment need to operate efficiently so that you can remain profitable. We are the experts in commercial appliance repair services so we can help to keep your company on track.
Call 803-445-1927 Today For Ice Machine Repair and other repair services such as:
Commercial refrigerator repair Columbia SC
Replacement of Refrigeration Gaskets Columbia SC
Refrigeration door repair Columbia SC
Walk in Coolers Columbia SC
Walk-in Freezers Columbia SC
Commercial Freezer repair Columbia SC
Bar Coolers Columbia SC
Ice Makers Columbia SC
Commercial Oven Repair Columbia SC
Commercial dishwasher repair Columbia SC
Commercial dryer repair Columbia SC
Restaurant hood repair Columbia SC
Food service equipment service Columbia SC
Pizza oven repair Columbia SC
Catering appliance service Columbia SC
Bakery equipment service Columbia SC
Wolf commercial range repair Columbia SC
Coin operated washer repair Columbia SC
Coin operated dryer repair Columbia SC
Laundromat machine repair Columbia SC
Commercial washer and dryer repair Columbia SC
Commercial stove repair Columbia SC
Commercial washer repair Columbia SC
Steam table repair Columbia SC
Commercial mixer repair Columbia SC
Fryer repair Columbia SC
Air conditioning repair Columbia SC
Commercial Freezer Repair call 803-445-1927
Commercial kitchen equipment is very different when compared to residential appliances, as they experience more wear and tear; they are more powerful, more expensive and are larger than the typical home appliance because they need to adhere to specific safety requirements and functionality that businesses need. For example, commercial fridges have to meet certain health code requirements and they also have to be made of industrial grade parts because they will be heavily used on a daily basis. Restaurant appliances must be cleaned easily, resist the growth of bacteria and use a refrigeration system that has enough power to maintain temperatures at the desired thermostat settings. Due to these commercial equipment, safety and construction requirements, you need to get top quality repair and maintenance services for your food service equipment.
Need restaurant equipment repair call 803-445-1927 Today!
CK Parts & Service specialize in doing appliance repair for businesses including:
Restaurants Columbia SC
Churches Columbia SC
Universities and schools Columbia SC
Hospitals Columbia SC
Offices Columbia SC
Retail businesses Columbia SC
Hotels Columbia SC
Laundromats Columbia SC
We have experience fixing and servicing these equipment brands:
American standard
Florida heat pump
Climate Master
Mitsubishi Electric
Weather King
And more
Why you need professional repair and installation?
Technicians that are expertly trained have the necessary skills and know-how to handle all our catering appliance repair needs.
Professional installation and maintenance is what you need so that you can remain compliant with the local government safety standards so that your bakery equipment will be up to code so that you can avoid expensive liability, fines and replacements
You can lose the factory warranty on your appliances if you don’t do regular maintenance, use untrained technicians, faulty repairs, and cheap parts.
You can save both time and money by using a professional commercial appliance repairman with CK Parts & Service.
The importance of maintenance contracts
CK Parts and Services offers the best commercial repair services in Columbia SC and we do this by offering our clients routine maintenance and professional inspections that are done on a regular basis for their commercial appliances. We also educate business owners and managers on how to do daily maintenance to help prevent their commercial equipment from breaking down. You need to plan preventive maintenance if you intend to be compliant with your factory warranties, reduce breakdowns and to keep your appliances running efficiently. Our trained technicians understand how using your appliances on a day to day basis can cause wear and tear, as well as we understand the nature of your business.
Also, if you are having a hard time trying to find parts for your commercial appliance, we can help you to identify exactly what parts you need so that we can help you to reduce the amount of time that your appliance is not working
Contact us today to schedule an appointment for repairs or preventative maintenance at 803-445-1927 Commercial Kitchen Repair Servie and Parts Company located in Columbia SC

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