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Commercial Appliance Services Columbia SC 803-445-1927

Whether you have a small commercial kitchen or a large food service operation, It’s imperative that all of your equipment works properly. You can’t manage a kitchen properly when you have to work around malfunctioning equipment.

Before you’re faced with kitchen equipment that’s not doing what it should, call the kitchen equipment professionals at CK Parts & Service for speedy and affordable kitchen equipment maintenance. Whether you’re dealing with a small aggravation or a major dilemma, we’re here to help around the clock. With one phone call, we’ll be on our way to your Lubbock, TX place of business with everything needed to get your commercial kitchen serviced and back on track quickly and efficiently. We can resolve problems with:

Steam tables
Kettle cookers
And more

Custom Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Service Company located in Columbia SC 803-445-1927

Are you in the market for customized commercial kitchen equipment? At CK Parts & Service, we have our own metal fabrication shop, so we can create everything from vent hoods for kitchen exhaust systems to skillets, metal chilling tanks, and commercial kitchen tables.

Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Plans CK Parts & Service 803-445-1927 Columbia SC -

The best way to avoid kitchen equipment failure and appliance breakdown is to keep these kitchen essentials in good working condition. With regular maintenance, your commercial kitchen appliances and equipment will perform optimally, last longer and be good to go for the long haul. At CK Parts & Service, we can design a commercial kitchen equipment maintenance plan that will reduce the possibility of unexpected breakdowns, costly repairs and resulting loss of income. We can customize a service agreement that takes all of your needs into consideration and is geared to the specific requirements of your commercial kitchen.

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