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A few weeks ago we discussed the Hoshizaki PA0613 and the high usage this part has for all kinds of ice machines.  What we did not focus on is the PA0613 is used on a many Hoshizaki machines however it is all of the smaller ice machines.  Hoshizaki machines like the KM-515MWH which is capable of producing 500 pounds of ice per day, while the goliath Hoshizaki KM-1601WH is able to produce 1,500 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period.

At some point during the life of these larger ice machines a tech and/or repair company is going to need to buy the Hoshizaki S-0730 Replacement Water Pump to get the machine back into service.

This is why the PA0613 will always be in higher demand as far more motels and restaurants are going to need ice but not the massive amounts of ice produced by the KM-515MWH.  However there are many large hotels and restaurants that will be called on to produce massive amounts of ice. 

A hotel such as the Intercontinental Boston which has ballrooms that can accommodate over 1,000 guests at a time will need to produce massive amounts of ice in a short period of time.  The enormous hotels along the Las Vegas Strip like The Mirage, Luxor and Bellagio all have demands for ice 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  These are just the more extreme examples of hyperactive commercial kitchens with a never ending need for ice. 

There are thousands of these kitchens across America with the largest Hoshizaki ice machines.  When a hospitality company gets to the point they need a larger Hoshizaki machine it means they need a lot of ice.  And the more ice they need means the machines will be under constant pressure.  At some point on all these machines the water pump is going to stop working.  In fact the water pump is almost always the first component to malfunction on Hoshizaki ice machines. 

In some instances the pump can be repaired but more commonly the tech will simply replace the water pump.  This is what happens with the smaller machines when a tech will need the PA0613 water pump, and less often (when it is the very large ice machines) the need to get the S-0730 replacement is called for in larger chain restaurants and larger hotels.

Once the repair company determines they need a replacement S-0730 water pump the real question is not whether the part is available or not, as this pump is sold through dozens of sites online.  The question is will that repair firm pay $800 or $900 for the S-0730 or do they look for better pricing.

This is where CK.Parts enters the picture.  Many sellers offer the S-0730 pump for anywhere from $600 to $900, CK.Parts offers the S-0730 replacement water pump (equivalent) for $499.  And this is always for a brand new assembly, no refurbished parts or components.  Saving money while maintaining quality is the reason why we started CK.Parts and we will continue to deliver quality at excellent pricing.

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